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Application and website services

Application and website services

Whether you want a personal or professional website, have a need for a business application online or would like to share a common database with users at multiple locations, we can help you to realise your objective in a timely and cost effective manner.

There is a lot that goes into a successful website; analysis, design, development, testing and deployment before you get to the marketing side. My Web Minder can help every step of the way. We can be involved with as much or as little as you want throughout the software/website development lifecycle and beyond.

Visit the our process page to see details of approximate and the steps involved and when you are ready use the contact form to ask any questions or get a free no obligation quote.

Also on this site, we have featured some of the websites that we work on so check out the website examples page.

We help out on a variety of scales from completely looking after the day to day running of the site, to just helping out on an ad-hoc basis. We can design and setup a site or application from scratch or we can take on a previous project and finish it or enhance it. We can carry out work on existing sites from something small like bug fixing or swapping an image to total redevelopment of the site.

We can usually accommodate any design work or if you already have a designer and are just looking to convert the design into a website then we can do that too. We design for print as well as for websites so we can help with all of your branding (including logo, flyers or business cards).

Designing and developing


Wide variety of design and development

We have a wide variety of design and development services

We design in a number of ways. For print, such as flyers, booklets, posters or business cards, it involves designing a layout usually in one of the Adobe products or QuarkXPress format that a printer can use.

Website design can include the physical structure of the site or just the imagery and layout. For application design, this is generally the physical structure when looking at the user experience. You might want a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube design and we can help with that too.

It might not seem like a design but the architecture of a database needs to be designed in a way that suits your application in a very efficient manner. A poorly designed database can result in slow or unpredictable results for your application.


We develop a wide range of solutions and not just websites. The development of a website will be the structural development based on a design (putting a conceptual design on the internet in real pages).

A secure online application or database will involve writing code on the server side together with elements to display to the user. We write code in a number of programming languages across multiple platforms.

We will create plugins or themes or make modifications to existing content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

We also develop offline applications or services on the Windows platform in a variety of languages.

Development of native mobile apps have recently been added to our portfolio too.

Where next

If you wish to find out more you can navigate around this site or if you still have questions then please use the form on the contact page.